About Fez Desert-Tours

We offer diverse tours, and daytrips to ancient exotic cities of the Kingdom. Our tours will try to unveil the mystics of the nomads following the tracks of ancient nomad caravans to the sand dunes and back to the spiritual capital of the kingdom. They will take us across the mesmerising Atlas Mountains, the eternal sand sea of the Sahara desert and the beautiful valleys of 1000 Kasbahs. Then, through the refreshing Atlas, we will arrive into the sand seashore to spend nights under the Milky Way and the Poles stars attending an exotic Nomad party in a fire camp in the middle of the golden sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. We designed these tours based on popularity and our experiences in tourism industry. For flexibility purposes, we can adjust any trip following the recommendations of our customers.
We have built our transport agency upon a passion to help visitors discover the depth of our country’s beauty, culture, and history. As Moroccans and travellers, we hold a deep love of sharing our traveling experiences with everyone providing them with tips and suggestions to get the best possible experience. After years of travels and meeting new people, we have developed a deep sense of humour making everyone enjoy the drive with us while enjoying every single trip we take. We have forged the passion to show people our country in bridge-like position into a career. We have combined all our knowledge into a company: OmegaTour. We have built our agency’s reputation over the years through bringing together skilled, like-minded, honest, and experienced staff. It is at the forefront of the Moroccan tourism industry, which brings a lot of pride all the staff. Our staff consists of a broad network of honest people all over Morocco. We have selected them through a procedure of internships and interviews. They hold a deep passion of sharing traveling experiences. They all agree that meeting new people, sharing ideas and stories, exploring new cities and landscapes, and learning about different ways of life are the best outcome in every traveling experience. They all share our commitment to the values of Honesty, Tolerance, Trust, Politeness, and Professionalism; the founding values of our agency.
We are different in our understanding of the ins and outs of this industry from other tourist transport agencies. We believe that the core purpose of any traveling experience is bridging our culture with travellers in transparent win-win situations where the visitor get to know the local customs and the locals receive the world with open hearts. We deeply believe in putting our customers’ experience, wellbeing, and needs primarily. We also believe that open and free communication is important. Our plans are flexible and adjustable in case you have a tight schedule, want to go fast, and visit as much as possible.