Fez full day Tour

During our Fez Full Day Tour, we will uncover the mystics of the old medina of Fez along with its rampart. Starting with its rampart, we will have many magical sites to explore in Fes. First, we will visit its magnificent gates and ramparts. These silent guards give a glimpse of the amazing architecture and Moroccan design. They stand as a proof of the glorious days that fez had during the medieval centuries. Four splendid gates are erected as a guard of the old Medina. The same medina that once was a capital of an empire stretching all the way from Libya to Spain north down south to Senegal south. We will visit these gates along with the Golden gates of the Royal Palace. The Almowahad dynasty built it in the 13th century as a sing of power and glory over the past dynasties. We will also discover why Bab Boujloud is considered the most beautiful of all. At the southern tower, we will appreciate a panoramic view of the city. Our last stop during the first part of our journey will be in the medieval tombs of the Merinid dynasty resting besides the Northern Tower. These ruins offer an incomparable view of Fez. Join us for our excursion and grasp the vibes of the millennia old Fortified Medina.
Then we will enter the biggest fortification in Africa as a second part of our journey. Founded in the 8th century and home to the oldest university in the world, Fez remains in touch with its traditional roots. An exciting and most interesting guided exploration of Morocco’s spiritual, intellectual and trade capital is waiting you in The Imperial city of Fez. It is the pumping heart of the Moroccan civilization. As the biggest urban car-free zone in the world, the UNESCO considers it a world heritage. Its Ancient medina is a massive labyrinth of dusty alleys dating back to the 8th century. The sumptuous houses and palaces that cuddle inside its surrounding walls gives an unforgettable time journey that surpasses space. The hectic markets offers a variety of shopping options that once were carried across the desert from India. The medieval urban maze of its ancient medina offers a strong proof of what humanity can achieve collectively. We will discover the recently restored leather tanneries with is century old techniques of making leather. The Foundouk Nejjarine and wood working museum and the Dar el-Magana water clock are the sites that once made fez an industrial capital during its glory times. We will visit the Foundouk Nejjarine and its square to get a grasp of those glorious days. The hilltop Merinid Tombs gives a surreal panoramic view over the whole medina. The serene Bou Inania Koranic School and the Qaraouine University, the oldest university in the world, are the major schools that make Fez an intellectual capital alongside the modern Universities in the new city. The Qaraouine University is among our stops during our 3 hours tour. We will see how a woman from the medieval ages provided this whole city a whole fortune to build its first University. This woman is called Fatima AlFihria, and she built the Qaraouine University and named it after her hometown, AlQayraouan, in Tunisia. We will also visit The Moulay Idriss II Mausoleum. It is the pumping heart of Moroccan spirituality. As the centre of the Moroccan handicraft industry, Fez is also the perfect place to do some souvenir shopping. Scarves, leather goods, carpets, spices, metal goods, pottery, etc., Fez has it all as it did for over a millennia now.

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