Day Trip From Marrakech to ourika Valley Essaouira
Today’s daytrip to Essaouira gives us a transcendental experience to visit one the most hipster fortifications in Morocco. Lays in the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Essaouira is the core of all Moroccan mystics. During our visit to this psychedelic city, we will spend a day at the beach and discover the glorious history of the region. The UNESCO considers is a world heritage.
Early in a blue-skied morning at an already appointed time, our professional driver will pick you up from your accommodation in Marrakesh. For flexibility purposes, we can chose to make a brief stop along the way at an Argan women’s cooperative, or simply drive straight to Essaouira. This Women’s cooperative gives a glimpse on the women’s self-empowerment and struggle to get a secured financial income. We will be able to discover their products in cosmetic, culinary, and salubrious uses of Argan oil. Arriving in Essaouira, an array of sights and experiences await us. Essaouira came to the forefront of history during the European Age of Exploration. Nations, like Portugal, Spain, France, and England all jockeyed for control over the port of Essaouira. By the 18th century, Moroccans had firmly wrested back control of Essaouira. During this period, a new style of battle evolved in the Moroccan defence infantry. They developed a type of aerobics that was exclusive to the wonderers of the desert and the followers of the saint Sidi Hmed OuMoussa. Essaouira is designed in a way that these people can climb on top of each other in the main square of the medina forming a tall human formation. It enables them to see the invading ships from afar. They also used to defend the fort using mythical war techniques. Some of them started schools in England during the Victorian era. The most famous one is the ZougZoug School of Moroccan Circus. As Muslims were prohibited from trading with the Christian, the Jewish population of Essaouira acted as commercial intermediaries between the two groups. They grew very rich making Essaouira port as one of the main trade point in North Africa. The Mullah of Essaouira became a metropolitan neighbourhood in Morocco. Today, this Mullah is empty from its original inhabitants. After our time-journey in the Mullah, we will discover other important sights in the medina of Essaouira. The jewellery market, the port, and the fish market give a glimpse on the prosperous era that this fortified city once lived. The fish market makes Essaouira a great place to get a delightful fresh seafood for lunch spiced with traditional Nomad spices. In the afternoon, we will navigate in the Medina and head towards Essaouira’s massive sandy beaches. Camel riding, horseback riding, quad bike riding, swimming, surfing, and windsurfing are the some of the exciting activities we can do in the beach of Essaouira. We can also sunbathe under its clear sun. We will be free to enjoy the beach as we wish. Otherwise, there are other exciting ways to spend the afternoon. For flexibility purposes, we can explore Essaouira’s rich musical history. We will have an opportunity to learn the meditative rhythms of Gnawa music. Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page both spent time in Essaouira learning about traditional Moroccan music during their visit in 1960s. The other option is to visit a traditional herbal pharmacy. The sage men and women in that pharmacy will unveil to us some secrets about old-fashioned remedies to different ailments. Our psychedelic experience ends in the evening. Our professional driver will drive us back to your accommodations in Marrakesh.

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